Here are the tips for the best mango aloe drink prepared:

Tip 1 - The type of water to choose what kind of water to use is a very important detail that you have to take note. Ideally, manufacturers prefer to prepare drink using soft mineral water or natural water. If you can not afford buying bottled water daily, you can take tap water into consideration. If you are planning to use European bottled water, do not. It is because of this type of water is considered hard water is not suitable for preparing mango aloe drink.


Tip 2 - Chlorine Chlorine free water should not be mixed with the process. To remove it, just leave the water in the pot for a couple of hours before finally boiling.


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Tip 3 - The boiling process Depending on the amount of water that has been, will be the time that you have to boil. Whenever the water starts to boil, remove the lid of the pot and boil continuously for a few minutes.


Tip 4 - Temperature is said that the correct temperature of boiling water vary the type of tea you are about to use mango aloe drink. This is the time when the extraction of polyphenols is performed. By buying mango, usually there will be some instructions on the temperature of use there.


Tip 5 - Steep Let your tea steep for three to five minutes. With more time soaking polyphenol level increases while if steeping time takes only a couple of seconds, the result will be more caffeine content in tea.


Tip 6 - Tea leaves Research shows that mango aloe drink is better to prepare mango leaves that are smaller due to the rapid infusion. Choosing large leaves or those that are strongly curved can have a longer infusion time.


Tip 7 - teabags or loose leaf? It is more advisable to use loose drink bags. Loose drink enables polyphenols to freely float inside your cup of mango instead of locking in mango aloe drink.