If long-term use of aloe latex, it can lead to kidney damage, and muscle weakness and other symptoms. In addition, diabetes, kidney disease, bowel disease and hemorrhoids people should avoid oral aloe vera products. It is not necessary to have some effect, but can affect the action of the drug or make symptoms worse. If you can not remember so much, the simple answer is risk of oral aloe products exceeded benefits.


However, according to suppliers of cosmetic, topical aloe products are mostly safe. Thus, the beauty, skin care, wound healing topical application of aloe products are not hazardous to health. For example, some studies have shown that people with psoriasis smear lotion containing aloe vera, four weeks after the symptoms subsided


original flavor aloe juice


Aloe vera gel has the function of improving human collagen as rheumatoid arthritis and collagen diseases have a significant effect.


Experts predict: Aloe will be the best products for beauty and health in the twenty-first century. However, it should be noted that immediately covered with fresh aloe juice on your face to achieve beautiful skin is not really so. Because aloe juice directly on the skin causing irritation causes skin allergies and other adverse reactions.