Apply the gel from an aloe vera leaf directly to skin abrasions, cuts, burns, burns, blisters, cold sores, rashes and insect bites to help fight bacteria and prevent infection. The gel also has the ability to relieve pain, and regeneration of the skin cells to promote healing with little or no scaring. Apply aloe gel 2-3 times a day to the area / wound to be healed.


Use aloe vera gel for general skin care. Use the gel alone or with your favorite cream to help better soften and moisturize the skin. Because aloe regenerates skin cells are also known to reduce wrinkles, eczema, acne, sun / age spots and other blemishes. It is also gentle enough to use it to care for the skin of the competition after radiotherapy.


mango aloe drink


The gel obtained from Aloe Vera plant may also be combined with wheat germ oil and safflower flower to reduce bruising.


TRY ALOE scalp and hair

Applying aloe vera gel to the scalp is a good treatment for dandruff, seborrhea (dermatitis), psoriasis and the loss of the hair imparted by these conditions.


Use the gel from an aloe vera plant to replace the commercial gel on your hair; rub or comb small amounts through hair and style as usual.