Try aloe for executives and muscle pains

Because the gel of the Aloe vera plant is known to quickly absorb into the skin and reduce inflammation and pain, it also works well on sprains, strains, muscle pain and arthritic pain. Apply aloe gel with a cold compress on the sensitive area 2-3 times a day.



aloe gel is believed to provide relief from stomach disorders, kidney diseases, and headaches, to name only some of the benefits of the internal healing aloe.


Using the yellow juice, called latex are just below the surface of the leaves can be used as a strong laxative.


aloe vera gel 1


The gel from aloe also contains lactic magnesium serving as an antihistamine, which can help relieve sinus and chest infections caused by allergies.


Because aloe can have a strong laxative effect not swallow the yellow latex which is located on the skin of the layer to be careful of the amount taken as a laxative. It is best to swallow aloe with gentle mixing the gel obtained from the sheets together in a blender with juice or water.